Published Volumes


Religion and Its Others

bookseries011: Multiple Secularities Beyond the West: Religion and Modernity in the Global Age (2015)

Ed. by Burchardt, Marian / Wohlrab-Sahr, Monika / Middell, Matthias

Questions of secularity and modernity have become globalized, but most studies still focus on the West. This volume breaks new ground by comparatively exploring developments in five areas of the world, some of which were hitherto situated at the margins of international scholarly discussions: Africa, the Arab World, East Asia, South Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe.

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bookseries022: Global Secularisms in a Post-Secular Age (2015)

Ed. by Rectenwald, Michael / Almeida, Rochelle / Levine, George

This volume addresses the state of and prospects for secularism globally. Drawing from multiple fields, it brings together theoretical discussion and empirical case studies that illustrate “on-the-ground,” extant secularisms as they interact with various religious, political, social, and economic contexts. Its point of departure is the fact that secularism is plural and that various secularisms have developed in various contexts and from various traditions around the world.

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bookseries033: Working with a Secular Age: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Charles Taylor’s Master Narrative (2016)

Ed. by Zemmin, Florian / Jager, Colin / Vanheeswijck, Guido

Charles Taylor’s monumental book A Secular Age has been extensively discussed, criticized, and worked on. This volume, by contrast, explores ways of working with Taylor’s book, especially its potentials and limits for individual research projects. Due to its wide reception, it has initiated a truly interdisciplinary object of study; with essays drawn from various research fields, this volume fosters substantial conversation across disciplines.

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