Stumbling Upon the Nones

While studying the impact of social media on social relations in a medium-sized Norwegian city, and the formation of local social media clusters, our team of researchers stumbled upon a group of ex- and non-religious persons, which made us re-examine issues of majority-minority relations.Profilbilde

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NSRN annual lecture 2018 by Samuli Schielke: Secular powers and heretic undercurrents

In this keynote held at the 2018 NSRN conference Worldviews in World View: Particularizing Secularism, Secularity and Nonreligion, Samuli Schielke discusses secularism as a form of discursive power in the Middle East.samuli_research

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The Critical Study of Nonreligion: An Invitation

In this post, NSRN Co-Director Chris Cotter places contemporary non-religion studies into conversation with the critical study of religion, assessing two dominant approaches in the field before extolling the virtues of a discursive approach as one way in which rigorous empirical work can be conducted ostensibly under the religion/non-religion binary and contribute to the critical project.Cotter

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