Here you can find the email addresses for members of our Online Team, and the NSRN Directors. Simply click on their names for email addresses. You may also be interested in joining one of our mailing lists, following us on Twitter or joining our Facebook page.

The NSRN Online team are responsible for everything that appears on this website. Each member of the team is at various stages of their research, and all have distinct roles within NSRN Online. To find out more, see their biographies page.

NSRN Directors are responsible for the day-to-day running of the network, in addition to its overall direction and goals. All directors can respond to press inquiries.

Press inquiries: Lois Lee, Founding Director, Christopher R. Cotter, Director, Stacey Gutkowski, Director, and Johannes Quack, Director

NSRN Online, General: Suvi Karila, Managing Editor

Blog: Yutaka Osakabe or Josh Bullock, Deputy Editors

Resources (Bibliography inquiries/contributions): Christopher R. Cotter, Director

Resources (Research Directory): Jonathan Jong, Assistant Editor

Resources (excluding Research Directory and Bibliography): Jesper Petersen, Assistant Editor


Page updated 7 February, 2016.