The NSRN is developing a central directory of researchers in the field of non-religion and secularity studies. If you are working in this area, and would like to be included in the public directory, please email your details (including name, academic position/affiliation, research interests, e-mail address, and website) to Jonathan Jong.

Allen, R. W.
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Boise State University
Research Interests:
qualitative research; emotional health and well-being; human development; lived experiences of “nones”

Arcaro, T.
Position: Professor
Institution: Sociology, Elon University
Research Interests:
Sociology and evolutionary psychology; the stigmatization of atheism; social change

Arcaro, T.
Position: Professor
Institution: Sociology, Elon University
Research Interests:
Sociology and evolutionary psychology; the stigmatization of atheism; social change

Barnes, R.
Research Interests:
Psychology of science; creation/evolution; public reaction to science claims

Beit-Hallahmi, B.
Position: Professor
Institution: Psychology, University of Haifa
Research Interests: Psychology of non-believers

Blankholm, J.
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara
Research Interests: Qualitative and quantitative sociology of organized nonbelievers and secular activism in the United States, theoretical approaches to secularism

Bosgraaf, E.
Position: Independent Researcher
Research Interests:
Psychology of religion and irreligion; conversion and deconversion research; atheism in the Netherlands; atheism and activism

Bullivant, S.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: School of Theology, Philosophy, and History, St. Mary’s University College
Research Interests:
Theology of unbelief; sociology of atheism and non-religion; Catholic social teaching; the New Evangelization; New Catholic Movements

Bulz, N.
Position: Professor
Institution: Ecological University Bucharest
Research Interests:
Inter-, trans- and co-disciplinary approaches to non-, a- and meta-religious and religious studies

Caldwell-Harris, C.
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Psychology
Research Interests:
Evolutionary psychology; individual differences; cognitive science; social neuroscience; autism

Cantone, J.
Research Interests:
workplace discrimination based upon religion/non-religion; legal discrimination based upon religion/non-religion; legal issues

Cimino, R.
Position: Independent Researcher
Institution: Religion Watch
Research Interests:
Sociology of secular humanism and atheism; the New Atheism

Cragun, R.
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Sociology, University of Tampa
Research Interests:
Sociology of non-religion; social psychology of religion; prejudice towards non-religious; conformity in belief; fundamentalists and evolution

Csaszar, D. M.
Research Interests:
New Atheism; method and theory in the study of religion

Devellennes, C.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Politics and International Relations, University of Kent
Research Interests:
Eighteenth-century atheism, political atheism, contemporary atheist philosophy

Dimdins, G.
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Psychology, University of Latvia
Research Interests:
Moral judgements and perception of justice; influence of political ideology on reasoning; terror management; religiousness as an adaptive mechanism

Donnelly, S.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Dublin Institute of Technology
Research Interests:
sociology of religion, sociology of media, institutional power-relations, cultural change and secularisation theory,  qualitative and quantitative research methods

Federico, A.
Institution: School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Research Interests:
Cultures and practices of secularism; communications, technology, and cyberspace; anthropology of religion and religious studies; critical theory; modernity

Galen, L.
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Psychology, Grand Valley State University
Research Interests:
Psychology of religion; religious fundamentalism; psychology of atheism; social cognition of belief and disbelief; morality and perceived morality; deservingness; belief in a just world

Geertz, A. W.
Position: Professor
Institution: Dept. of Culture and Society (Study of Religion), Aarhus University
Research Interests:
Cognitive science of religion; culture and cognition; method and theory in the study of religion; psychology of religion; atheism and cognitive theories of religion

Gibson, N.
Position: Program Officer
Institution: Human Sciences, John Templeton Foundation
Research Interests:
Religious cognition; God concepts; anger toward God; religious attribution; cognitive science of religion

Gutkowski, S.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Conflict Studies, King’s College London
Research Interests:
Religion, secularism and the security imaginary

Heywood, B.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Psychology Dept., Keene State College; Anthropology Dept., Ashford University
Research Interests: 
teleology, evolution of religion, origins of religion, the role of social cognition in religion

Howe, N. C.
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Center for Environmental Studies, Williams College
Research Interests:
the geography of secularity; religion and ecology;
history of American secularism

Johnson, J.
Position: Professor
Institution: Psychology, Penn State University (DuBois)
Research Interests:
Religious and nonreligious morality; evolution of moral absolutism

Jong, J.
Position: Research Co-ordinator
Institution: Centre for Anthropology and Mind, University of Oxford
Research Interests:
Ritual and social behaviour; measuring religious belief; implicit religious belief; philosophical implications of cognitive science of religion

Kettell, S.
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warwick
Research Interests:
Politics of religion; politics of atheism; New Atheism; religion in the UK

Langston, J.
Position: Independent Researcher
Institution: Independent Researcher
Research Interests:
origins of atheism; history of atheism; psychology of atheism

Lanman, J.
Position: Acting Director
Institution: Institute of Cognition and Culture, Queen’s University Belfast
Research Interests:
religion; ritual; atheism; morality; intergroup relations

Lee, H.
Position: Senior Lecturer
Institution: Dept. of Psychology and Mental Health, Staffordshire University
Research Interests:
Socio-cultural and psychological constructions of ‘non-religious’ spirituality

Lenfesty, H.
Position: Lab Manager
Institution: Institute of Cognition & Culture, Queens’ University Belfast
Research Interests:
Essentialism; self-concepts in religion; contagion concepts and disgust

Loveland, M.
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Sociology, Le Moyne College
Research Interests:
Atheism and community

Magee, M.
Research Interests:
Interpersonal foundations of religious belief

Mastiaux, B.
Institution: Sociology, Heinrich Heine, Düsseldorf University
Research Interests:
Sociology of religion and non-religion; research on members of atheist organizations in Germany and the United States; organized atheism

McAnulla, S.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds
Research Interests:
The politics of New Atheism; political implications of contemporary atheism

McConochie, W.
Position: President
Institution: Political Psychology Research, Inc.
Research Interests:
Political psychology; measurement of psychological traits and political attitudes, including religious fundamentalism; kindly religious beliefs; personal value of religion

McKay, R.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Psychology, Royal Holloway University
Research Interests:
Cognitive science of religion; psychology of atheism; delusions

Moore, S. E.
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Psychology, University of Alberta-Augustana Campus
Research Interests: 
Psychology of Atheism; psychology of religion; non-religion; subjective well-being; culture& religion

Mulholland, P.
Position: Independent Scholar
Research Interests:
Socialization and secularization; religious abuses and the decline of Irish Catholicism; ‘alternative’ healing and the spread of ‘New Ageism’; psychological anthropology; social anthropology

Navarro-Rivera, J.
Position: Research Associate
Institution: Public Religion Research Institute, Washington D. C.
Research Interests:
Secularism and political representation and ideology; non-religion and politics (in Latin American and among Latinos in the US)

Newcombe, S.
Position: Research Officer
Institution: Sociology, London School of Economics
Research Interests:
Yoga in a western context; new/alternative/minority religious and spiritual movements; ‘easternization’; contemporary religiosity; Internet use and religion; Twentieth century British history

Patrikios, S.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Politics, University of Strathclyde
Research Interests:
Secularisation theory; religious and secular identities

Petersen, J. A.
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Programme for Teacher Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim)
Research Interests:
New religions and the natural sciences; Western esotericism, Satanism and Left-Hand Path groups and currents; self-religion, cultic milieu and occulture; authority and legitimacy in modernity; discourse
theories; Secular apocalyptics; religious education and non-religion issues

Pinto, A.
Position: Postdoctoral research associate
Institution: Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Quack, J.
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
Institution: South-Asia-Institute, Dept. of Anthropology, Heidelberg University
Research Interests:
Rationalist/humanist/atheist movements in India (in comparison to elsewhere); methodological agnosticism; anthropology of religion (India); (Non-)Religion and (mental) Health

Rectenwald, M.
Position: Clinical Associate Professor
Institution: Global Liberal Studies, New York University
Research Interests:
Nineteenth-Century British Secularism, contemporary secularisms, secularism and science, religion and literature

Remmel, A.
Position: Research Fellow
Institution: Faculty of Theology, University of Tartu, Estonia
Research Interests:
History and sociology of non-religion and atheism (particularly in Estonia); atheism and religious policy in Soviet Union

Rutchick, A.
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Psychology, California State University (Northridge)
Research Interests:
Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination against unbelievers; piety and politics

Sakellariou, Alexandros
Position: Post-doctoral researcher
Institution: Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece
Research Interests:
Atheism; irreligion

Saler, Benson
Position: Professor Emeritus
Institution: Anthropology, Brandeis University
Research Interests:
Cognitive Science of Religion; atheism and the apotheosis of agency

Schneider, Kirk
Position: Adjunct Faculty Member
Institution: Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School
Research Interests:
Awe; personal accounts of profound transformation

Shackelford, T. K.
Position: Professor
Institution: Psychology, Oakland University
Research Interests:
Evolutionary psychology of atheism and religiosity; intelligence and religiosity

Sheard, M.
Position: Independent Researcher
Research Interests:
History of atheism in 20th Century Britain; lived experience of loss of faith; history of secularism

Shook, J. R.
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Research Associate
Institution: Science Education, Philosophy, University at Buffalo
Research Interests:
Philosophical naturalism; naturalized ethics and moral psychology; social cognition and neurophilosophy; secular and humanist ethics; atheism and a theology; political secularism; secular movements and organizations; the New Atheism

Stack, T.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Hispanic Studies, University of Aberdeen
Research Interests:
Alternative religious/secular distinctions and their consequences; religious/secular distinctions made by Catholic Church; religious/secular distinctions in the genre of history

Storm, I.
Institution: Institute for Social Change, University of Manchester
Research Interests:
Religious, secular and national identities in Western Europe; religious identities among ethnic majorities; intermediate religiosity; nominalism

Taira, T
Position: Researcher
Institution: Comparative Religion, University of Turku
Research Interests:
Public discourse on religion, secularity and atheism; New Atheism; atheism in Finland

Thiessen, J.
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Sociology, Ambrose University College
Research Interests:
Religion and Culture in Canada; Sociology of Religion; Secularization; Rational Choice Theory (critique of); Religion over the Life course; Active Affiliates (identify with a religion and attend services weekly), Marginal Affiliates (identify with a religion and attend services for holidays and rites of passage), and Religious Nones (do not identify with any religion and never attend services)

Thompson, P.
Position: Senior Lecturer
Institution: German, University of Sheffield
Research Interests:
Ernest Bloch; Marxism and theology; atheism; political theology

Voas, D.
Position:Professor of Population Studies
Institution: Institute for Social and Economic Research , University of Essex
Research Interests:
Secularization; secularity; religious change in developed countries

White, C.
Position: Lecturer
Institution: Institute of Cognition & Culture, Queen’s University Belfast
Research Interests:
Cognitive Science of Religion; religion and psychology

Zuckerman P.
Position: Professor
Institution: Sociology, Pitzer College
Research Interests:
Sociology of secularity; apostasy; Scandinavian culture

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